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What’s Sherlock All About?


Security professionals are in extremely short supply. Sherlock provides 24x7x365, USA-based security talent.


Sherlock was designed to accelerate compliance with standards such as PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and GDPR.


Sherlock uses automation and machine learning to provide continuous risk treatment.


The Sherlock team provides you with enterprise grade protections at the speed and scale of the cloud.



People do the fun work:

 Design creative ways to defend your data

 Investigate hacking activities

 Distill data into actionable security intelligence

 Ask the big questions that need to be asked

 Make the machines do all the hard work

Automation does the hard work:

 Deploy, scale, and respond to attacks

 Ingest, parse, normalize, and manage data

 Mine data for indicators of compromise

 Integrate with DevOps CI/CD pipelines

 Let the humans have all the fun

With Sherlock, you get a of lot ones and zeroes

And we don’t just mean our code


1  Cohesive security platform we run for you

1  Unified SOC with features baked in, not tacked on

1  Simple bill each month, with all tools and controls

1  USA-based SOC team working all day, every day

1  Person who remains in control of your data
(hint, it’s you)

1  Firm with decades of expertise backing Sherlock
(Our parent company, Anitian)


0  Security tools you must already own to use Sherlock

0  Minutes your team will spend deploying Sherlock

0  Appliances we make you install or configure

0  Tools you pay for outside our subscription price
(but we can discuss using your existing tools)

0  Traffic you need to reroute or duplicate

0  Security staff you need to run Sherlock
(but we love supporting existing teams too)

The Case for Sherlock

CyberSecurity 2028

The Future SOC

Fact Sheet:
Sherlock Basics

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