Partnered Up

Sherlock is a partner with AWS, and able to access the full range of AWS resources. We have close relationships with AWS engineers and security teams.

Cloud Native

Sherlock deploys on AWS and is aligned with today’s cloud-based DevOps teams. We integrate into DevOps CI/CD pipelines for full security automation.

Your Control

Sherlock never commingles your data. You get your own AWS environment, under your control. Your data remains yours, no traffic is rerouted.

We Know Compliance

Nobody knows compliance with AWS like us. Our coworkers at Anitian wrote the official AWS workbook on PCI compliance. 

Sherlock is Built for Security Automation on AWS


It is no secret that hiring and retaining security talent is difficult. Sherlock augments your team with SOC specialists and automation on AWS.

AWS offers robust automation tools that let Sherlock perform testing, scanning, and analytics at greater speed and scale than any on-site appliance.


Sherlock works everywhere. AWS is where we orchestrate analytics and automated response, but Sherlock connects to any environment, cloud or on-site.

Point security solutions add complexity and administrative overhead to your operations. The future is the cloud, where systems seamlessly integrate.


Sherlock integrates directly with DevOps CI/CD pipelines. It can also auto-scale to any size, any time, and instantly replicate or move anywhere in the world.

There are no heavy appliances to rack up or complex virtual images to configure. You pay as you go, so security costs are amortized and predictable.

Grab a Piece of the Future of Cloud Security

Get the Free AWS PCI Workbook

Nobody knows compliance in AWS like Sherlock. Our
coworkers at Anitian literally wrote the official AWS workbook on PCI compliance in AWS. You can grab it for free here!

Our Security Hardened Virtual Machines for AWS

We use automated, security hardened Amazon Machine Images (VMs that run in AWS) to rapidly build and rebuild secure environments.

Now you can use these security-hardened machine images without a Sherlock subscription, on the AWS Marketplace.

Updated: PCI Hardened Linux
for Amazon 2018.03


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